Updated as of February 21st: As we approach the 2024 Middle Fork Salmon River rafting season, we want to keep you informed about changing availabilities. Travel plans evolve and some guests need to cancel or reschedule, dates will open up. If you’re having difficulty finding a trip that aligns with your schedule, please reach out to us. Our office is here to assist, whether it’s helping you find alternative dates with other outfitters or adding you to our waitlist.

June 3-7

Our June 3-7 Middle Fork of the Salmon trip is spectacular and exhilarating. The river is near its peak, the days are long, and the canyon landscape is in full bloom. The pace of the river is fast and exciting, which allows us time to explore nearby attractions, hike, or run side-trails. The IRJ crew takes full advantage of this window, and maximizes each day by carefully planning the hikes, scenic stops, and hot springs soaks. Even with the multitude of activities, you’ll still find time and space to connect and reflect at camp. June 3 has 7 openings available.

June 12-16 and June 21-26

Prime season dates with space available: Our June 12 and June 21 launches are two incredible opportunities that fall just before and at the start of summer, respectively. June 12 has 5 openings, while June 21 has 2 openings. Come celebrate the summer solstice on the Middle Fork.

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