Whether you have a few extra hours or a few extra days, Salmon offers an abundance of activities to augment your Middle Fork Salmon River trip. Whichever activity you choose, extra time in Salmon will be well-spent. Here are some insider favorites.

Shop at Odd Fellows’ Bakery

Bread for bread, Odd Fellows’ is the best bakery in Idaho. Owners Craig & Jessica McCallum, along with Ken Korn, have built a true artisan bakery that focuses on simple ingredients prepared the right way. Using a brick oven, they produce incredibly delicious bread that will have you coming back for more. Beyond the brick oven, Ken and staff prepare a homemade soup, empanadas, and many other mouth-watering entrees.

Local Tip: The sliced 80-Mile bread is the best for making sandwiches. Grab an apple galette for dessert. Take it home, reheat it in the oven, and serve with ice cream. You’ll thank us later.

Backcountry Lodges and Breakfast Flights

Gem Air, located at the Salmon Airport, offers breathtaking scenic flights to several lodges around the Frank Church Wilderness. These flights will provide stunning views of the backcountry, followed by a sumptuous breakfast at a remote lodge. This is a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of Idaho from above while meeting wonderful people.

Local Tip:  If you’re looking for a longer trip, Gem Air can drop you off at a lodge and pick you up a few days later to take you back to Salmon.

Golf Salmon, Idaho

The Salmon Valley Golf Course is a well-maintained 9-hole course situated just outside of the town. With affordable rates, beautiful mountain views, and challenging holes, this course is perfect for any golfer visiting Salmon, Idaho. If a cow swallows your ball, it counts as a mulligan.

Local tip: If you don’t have time to play 9 holes, the driving range and putting green is a great option too.

Bike Salmon, Idaho

Stamina, adventure, a mix of type-2 fun, and miles of trails to bike can be found just on the edge of town. Salmon has an incredible variety of trails to enjoy, and you’ll never get bored of the terrain. As the snow melts, and the mud hardens, the trails around the Salmon River Valley open up for bikers. A good place to start is the local Discovery Trail System, affectionately known as Disco Hill. If you are looking for longer missions, view the Ride Salmon site for the best resources on area trails.

Local tip: Salmon has a dedicated group of mountain bikers, and chances are you’ll find them hanging around the best bike shop in town: The Hub. If you like riding around Salmon, sign up for the annual “24 Hours of Disco Race”.

Buy beef Jerky from Pete’s Custom Meats

Pete’s Meats is a local Salmonite’s staple. Pete and his crew of butchers produce a variety of beef jerky that has the perfect balance of tenderness and flavor. Whether you’re driving through the area or launching an adventure, the beef jerky at Pete’s will fuel your next mission.

Local Tip: The beef sticks are incredible too.

Go to a concert or event at Sweetwater Hollow

Amy Tonsmeire, the owner of Sweetwater Hollow, built something special in the heart of our town. Along the river next to the Shady Nook, is the community spot for outdoor concerts, food, and special events. If you’re traveling through Salmon, make sure to check the calendar to see if there are any events happening at Sweetwater while you’re visiting.

Local tip: If you’re planning a wedding, contact Amy. Sweetwater is an incredible site for a fun, private celebration. Our favorite event of the year is the Harvest Festival every September, benefitting the Salmon Valley Stewardship.

Visit the Salmon Museum

The Lemhi County Historical Museum has an impressive collection showcasing the history of Salmon. Drop-in, and you’ll be amazed at the photos and pieces celebrating the history of this area and its people.

Local tip: The museum has a large collection of historical photos. A local favorite is an image that captures an old wooden scow (the original sweep boat) running the river through town! The museum also houses a high-quality printer and offers prints of any photo you like. If you like the museum, make sure to also check out the Sacajawea Interpretive Center.

Enjoy the patio at The Pork Peddler

With excellent food, and even better atmosphere, The Pork Peddler is the place to relax, have some wings or pulled pork sandwich, and a fresh IPA.

Local Tip: For even more fun, join the locals for Wednesday Trivia Nights. Get ready for a good time!

Buy a hat from Jaxonbilt Hat Company

These custom hats are built with attention to detail and appreciation of the craft. The Master Hatters at Jaxonbilt show you up close what a true art it is to build a hat. Each hat is distinct and different in its own way. Visit the Jaxonbilt Hats to witness Roy Jackson & Bernice McNeven build one unique to you.

Local tip: If you don’t know what style you would like, ask for what the river guides typically get.

Jaxonbilt website

Fish Salmon, Idaho

Plain and simple, go to the Salmon River Fly Box in town and talk to the owner, Steve, or his staff. He’ll point you in the right direction, or at the very least you’ll buy some flies for your next Middle Fork Salmon fly fishing trip.

Local tip: The shop has more than just fishing gear. Be sure to check out other great gear, including Salmon gifts and souvenirs.

Visit the Lemhi County Farmer’s Market

If you’re visiting during the summer, make sure to swing by the Farmer’s Market. The market takes place from June through September. Every Saturday from 9-2 at Veteran’s Memorial Park (directly across the bear), local vendors sell a variety of wares produced here in the valley. Offerings include local honey, organic vegetables, award-winning sheep cheeses, jellies, jams, and artworks.

Local tip: Swiftriver farms has the top organic produce in the area. Besides all the healthy and delicious greens, the strawberries are mouth watering. If you visit later in the summer, the homegrown garlic is outstanding. Buy our local award-winning goat cheese from Mountain Valley Farmstead stand. Randal and Carole produce exceptional cheese’s in many different styles, a staple on IRJ trips.

Farmers Market link

Hike Salmon, Idaho

Whether you choose an easy loop hike, a piece of the Continental Divide Trail, or a challenging summit of one of the eight peaks of the Beaverheads that top 10,000 feet, you will find a suitable trail within an hour’s drive of Salmon.

Local tip: For an easy evening hike and a stunning view of the valley, climb up the “S” hill that overlooks the town.

AllTrails.com link

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  1. Lovely information here and I remember the GREAT times Ron Johnson and I had running the Middle Fork with you all. It was an amazing trip and I will be back to do the Rogue sometime soon.

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