There’s no denying it—June is an incredible time to explore the Middle Fork Salmon River. During this month, you can hike and run dozens of trails, raft exhilarating rapids, soak in numerous hot springs, and explore countless waterfalls. Throughout these adventures, we capture stunning videos and photos to share the beauty of the Middle Fork Salmon River in June.

The Flight In

Our first trip of the season, June 3rd, began with an incredible backcountry flight into the Middle Fork Salmon River. This 30-minute flight started in Stanley, flew down Rapid River Creek, and landed at Indian Creek Airstrip.

River Trails

June means exploration, and the Idaho River Journeys Crew introduced our guests to their favorite hiking and running trails. Whether it was a steep climb to an incredible view, a scramble up to a spring waterfall, or running along meandering trails to jaw-dropping vantage points, our crew and guests did it all. Over 50 miles of river and side trails were explored.


The spring runoff allowed us to experience some towering waterfalls: Waterfall Creek tumbling over the bridge, Veil Falls cascading off the canyon walls, and the lesser-known drops that only run during the early season. The crew took advantage of this incredible time to see the canyon spring runoff.

Middle Fork Canyon

The alpine splendor of June offered stunning landscapes in bloom. Lush green sagebrush, bright yellow Arrowleaf Balsamroot, purple Camas, and the vivid white Syringa (our state flower), were all in spectacular color.


Even with all the exploration, we had plenty of downtime at camp. Having peak flows meant fast current, and thus more time to relax, sit back, and let go. This time gave our guests ample opportunity to appreciate the pace of the trip and take in the adventure.

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  1. We had a group of 8 women and our trip exceeded all expectations. We had snow one day and it then warmed up each day. The scenery was magnificent, the guides made it look easy and take their jobs very seriously, balancing safety and fun. I ended up stranded in the middle of a big rapid, on 3 big rocks, scared……the guides remained calm which calmed me and I “bounced” as recommended by “Joe”, eventually came safely off the rocks and she will always be my hero. The food was incredible, the guitar by a very talented, Drew was awesome and the river experience was just above your comfort zone which makes it exciting and unforgettable. Thank you to all of the fabulous river goers and experts that put up with us, we enjoyed each and every one of you. Paddle High Five, Dana

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