Family members, especially Moms, often have questions about different elements of our Salmon River rafting trips, particularly safety, meals, toilets, sanitation and other concerns. We’ll try to address these on this page, but contact us if you have any others. Rafting trips are vacations the entire family will enjoy. There is plenty to do and everyone can be as active as they want or just relax. Everyone will have a great time and come back with lifetime memories.

Safety is our biggest concern, and probably yours as well. Your family will be traveling in a remote area and doing things quite a bit different from their everyday routine. The primary elements for a safe, healthy trip are ALWAYS wearing a life vest on the water, be diligent about hand-washes and follow the directions of our guides. We will review safety in detail before heading down the river.

Everyone in our party, guests, and guides wear life vests whenever we’re on the river. In the event of an emergency, there are airplane landing strips relatively nearby. Our guides are trained in First Aid and river rescue techniques and we carry a satellite phone for emergency communications.

We camp at beautiful sites and provide one spacious, clean tent for every 2 people. Singles are given their own tent. On most days we’ll arrive at camp by 4:30 with plenty of time to explore the area or just sit back with a good book. We provide top-notch, clean equipment for use by guests, including freshly laundered sleeping bags, duffels for personal gear, comfortable ground mattresses,

We have an outstanding crew. Their ages range from 18 – 60 and they represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds. IRJ guides are fun people you will enjoy spending time with. They are terrific role models. Because most of our guests book as families, we take a cautious approach when it comes to conduct and appearance. Staff members do not use any tobacco products and are expected to adhere to conservative appearance standards.

Our Menu includes a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, grains, and cheeses. Our guides are exceptional camp cooks and trained in food handling safety. If your party includes kids, please let us know their favorite foods. Juice and filtered water is always available and we provide complimentary beverages and lots of ice.

Toilets are set up in private places away from our camping and eating areas. They are heavy-duty, metal containers fitted with seats that seal tightly for transport. Our crew sets up a clean, fresh toilet at every camp. All toilet facilities have adjoining hand-wash stations.

Guests joining us are required to sign an Acknowledgment of Risk form and fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes information we use for sizing life vests and includes information on dietary preferences. Download and print these forms and mail them to our office well in advance of your trip.

Bring facial cleansing items that don’t take up a lot of space and are quick to use. A washcloth in a ziplock or a facial astringent and cotton cleaning pads in a ziplock work well. Bring along a body and facial moisturizer. For a swimsuit, a sports type two-piece is convenient and easy to bathe in. For hiking and general bathing comfort, sports bras are recommended. As for personal hygiene, we have several women guides on our crew who can offer simple tips with the disposal of feminine hygiene products.