With family and friends getting together for Thanksgiving, it’s a wonderful opportunity to share memories and delight in the anticipation that comes from planning future adventures. We are gratified and inspired that you are part of our river family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and its many magical places with you. The best gifts are those chosen with care, thoughtfully designed, and exceptionally well made – gifts of quality. Below are some of our favorite (in stock) gifts.

Middle Fork Salmon Trip

There’s nothing like a gift of a Middle Fork trip. From the spectacular spring setting of early June, to the easy-going pace of late August for families, or September fly fishing, our 2022 season availability has something for everyone. Click on the link below to find a date for a loved one.

Sturdy Pine Bags

Sturdy Pine bags are a hardworking gear item used by nearly every Middle Fork guide. They are handcrafted in our home base of Salmon, Idaho. Sturdy Pine Gear & Repair offers simple, sturdy designs that can be used for a variety of activities. The most popular bag amongst the crew is the toiletry bag, perfect for traveling or packing down the Middle Fork.

Idaho Smoked Trout

Served on every IRJ Middle Fork trip, we can attest to this delicious product. Sun Valley Smoked Trout produces a tender, slightly smoked flavor that does not dominate the original taste. They do things the right way and their fish would be perfect as an appetizer during the holidays.

Halfway to Halfway and Back

This is a collection of stories by, and usually about, river guides and outfitters. The tales focus on river-related events that usually have little to do with whitewater. Many don’t even take place on a river. These are the stories shared around a campfire after a day on the water. Some are funny, some sad, some quirky, but they all come from personal river experiences and lifelong friendships.

Stickers for your Water Bottle

Inspired by her career as a guide, artist Cayla Sanderson has many original stickers and prints that will stand out. Our personal favorite is the “Galatic Guiding,” rafting on Mars. Click the link below to see her entire collection.

Montana Tea & Spice Trading

We bring this tea on every Middle Fork trip, and for a good reason. Montana Tea and Spice has amazing flavors and a huge selection for every tea enthusiast. The IRJ crew’s personal favorite is a toss-up between, “Night on Glacier Bay” and “Evening in Missoula.”

Woodblock Prints

IRJ guide Hannah Fast is a self-taught artist and renowned fly fishing guide. It always made sense to her to combine these two passions and build a project that reflects her experiences in the wild. Through her woodblock art and drawings, she was able to create the artwork that she dreamed about while floating the Middle Fork and hiking in the Frank Church Wilderness. Her work will take you right back to the river.

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