We owe a debt of gratitude to our wonderful guests for the trust and appreciation you showed our staff and guides during this uncertain time. At IRJ we believe in the value of genuinely caring for others, and know that lasting relationships spring from this foundation. We are a company that is led by, and committed to, being a travel partner to our guests. We look forward to floating the Middle Fork Salmon River with you all again soon. In no particular order below are some of our favorite highlights, memories, and community events that deserve recognition from the year.

River Time

This year reminded us just much we treasure little moments. Like sitting around a morning campfire with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, soaking in a crystal clear hot spring, staying up late and gazing at a star-filled sky, or just simply enjoying the pace of river time.

Duckie Carnage

There are many factors that contribute to inflatable kayaks (affectionately known as duckies) flipping, wrapping, or having any sort of carnage. We saw our fair share of action, and fortunately for us, a lot of it was caught on camera. Including IRJ guides. The video below is of Drew flipping at Marble rapid. 

Salmon Whitewater Park

Something amazing is happening in our community of Salmon right now. For well over 10 years, The Salmon Whitewater Park Association has raised money and campaigned to build a whitewater park in town. Just recently, the association has been generously gifted an anonymous 4-1 match by a kind member of our community making this goal achievable. Construction of the wave park is scheduled to begin in Oct, 2021. So far the association has raised $58,115 and with the 4-1 match that means $232,460. The goal is to raise $200K for the match. IRJ believes this is an amazing gift of opportunity for our youth, our community, our businesses and the future of our town. We’re excited to be a part of it, and if you’re interested in learning more about the whitewater park or donating, visit the Salmon Whitewater Park Association for information.

Salmon Idaho Wave

Exploring New Sites

The Middle Fork has many incredible attractions that often will have high use during peak season. To avoid congestion our crew put a lot of forethought and planning to seek out adventures away from the crowds. By going ‘off the beaten path,’ the crew and guests explored some amazing new sites.

Frank Church Wilderness

Sturgeon Sighting

Pre-historic and huge, it’s remarkable that a sturgeon made it all the way up to the Middle Fork drainage. Sturgeon typically inhabit the Columbia, Snake, and Lower Salmon river systems, but this fish traveled hundreds of miles up to the Middle Fork. A sight to behold, seeing a fish that is measured in feet next to trout measured in inches. 

Sweep Boat

The workhorse boat. The IRJ sweep worked hard throughout the season, from spring runoff in June through low water in September. The sweep boat and its drivers had a terrific season.

Keri, Sunny, Julia, and Matt

Exceptional guides make an exceptional company. We’re honored to have a number of guides work in the medical field. This season we leaned on them to provide guidance, training, and leadership as we navigated through the summer. A huge thank you to Keri, Sunny, Julia, and Matt for their dedication to our trips, but also working hard in clinical care.

Idaho River Guides