In 2012, Idaho River Journeys President, Bob Volpert and Echo president Dick Linford published a collection of stories by, and usually about, river guides and outfitters. “Halfway to Halfway” propelled to the to #165,892 on Amazon’s Best Seller list. Making it a huge success. With the momentum of sales, Volpert and Linford have begun collecting stories for the next edition, “Halfway to Halfway and Back.”

Halfway tales focus on river-related events that usually have little to do with whitewater. Many don’t even take place on a river. All say a lot about the culture of guiding and the people attracted to wild places and the odd things that happen once they get there. These are the stories shared around a campfire after a day on the water. Some are funny, some sad, some quirky, but they all come from personal river experiences and lifelong friendships.

If you have a story that falls into the Halfway background, you can submit the tale to Bob Volpert. For more information on the guidelines view them here, The Next Edition.

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