Spectacular Hikes Along the River & From Camp

Middle Fork Views

For all but the last 20 miles, where the river enters Impassable Canyon, there is a trail along the Middle Fork. From the main trail, numerous paths veer away and go up canyons and creeks. Most camps have nearby trails that provide opportunities for guided and unescorted hiking. Guests joining Idaho River Journeys on the Middle Fork will be with a crew that knows the canyon well and enjoys hiking. If you are a trail runner, our crew will tell you about routes that are exquisite and offer a range of difficulty from flat spectacular terrain to rigorous runs involving dramatic changes in elevation. Some of the most beautiful runs in the world are found along the Middle Fork. The river mile notations are approximate.

Mile Nearby Camp(s) Comments
12 Joe Bump, Scout, Fire Island Hike to Sheepeater Hot Springs.
15 John’s Camp Up bench to rocky point downstream.
31 Little Soldier Magnificent grove of Ponderosas just downstream.
32 Marble Left Hike up Marble Cr. or climb hill behind camp.
32 Marble Creek Excellent hike along a beautiful creek.
32 Marble Right Pictographs downstream river left. Good hike behind camp.
34 Stateland Left Climb bluffs for view of Pungo Canyon and MF Lodge.
39 Cameron Creek Short hike to pictographs.
47 Whitie Cox Hotsprings, grave site. Above camp is good trail.
47 Rock Island Upstream climb/hike to elevated rock cropping.
48 White Cr, Shelf Hike to Loon Creek hot springs and beyond.
50 Loon Creek Hike beyond hot springs for spectacular canyon views.
60 Camas Creek Beautiful creek trail.
71 Little Pine Steep hike. Spectacular views from Johnson Pt.
71 Haystack to Camp Hike to Driftwood or Wilson camps.
74 Rattlesnake Trail to camps downstream is high above river.
74 Survey Hike bluff for upstream view. Hike to Big Creek in morning.
74 Woolard Morning hike to Big Creek. Big view of Survey from high point.
78 Waterfall Creek Visit falls. Hike to Big Creek bridge.
78 Big Creek Spectacular trail. Half-hour hike to bridge over gorge. Worth it.
80 Veil Cave Popular stop. Take family photo from ledge near trail.
84 Papoose Creek Hike in creek up narrow steep walled canyon.
88 Nugget Creek Follow trail near creek to Parrott’s grotto.
90 Stoddard Creek Creek hike to pools and pictographs.