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Middle Fork Reservation Info

Idaho River Journeys offers only twelve to fourteen Middle Fork trips a season. Trips are limited to thirty participants including guides. Thanks to repeat bookings and referrals from past guests, nearly all our trips go out full. Please call us for current availability. If the trip you want is not available, give us a call anyway. Sometimes a party has a change of plans and we have openings that have not been posted yet.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 per person is required to reserve a space on the Middle Fork. The balance is due 60 days (90 days for charters) before departure. If you have a group of 10 or more people you may qualify for a group or charter discount.

Most of our Middle Fork trips meet in Stanley, Idaho. By arrangement, groups chartering a trip may opt to meet in Stanley, Ketchum, Boise or Salmon. Three-day trips that join a longer Middle Fork trip in progress are $1,795 per person, including a flight to or from the river from Stanley or Salmon.

Water, weather or other conditions dictate where we launch our Middle Fork trips. For trips that meet in Stanley, we launch from Boundary Creek, which is accessible by bus, or from Indian Creek, which is accessible by air. If we launch from Indian Creek, the cost of the flight is not included in our trip fare. For our August 17 and 25 trips, the cost of the flight from Stanley is included in our trip fare. 

All reservations are subject to a $4/day Recreation Enhancement Act Fee.


2020 Night Sky Events

The Middle Fork is far from neighboring communities and light pollution is non-existent here. There are only a handful of places in the U.S. that provide evenings of such extraordinary dark sky vistas. You will be mesmerized by the star-studded skies above your campsite as you experience the wonders of our galaxy without the distraction of light pollution.

  • June 5: Full Moon
  • July 4: Full Moon
  • July 23  – August 20: Perseid Showers
  • August 3: Full Moon
  • August 13: Peak Perseid Showers

Anticipating Your Vacation 

For many of our guests, part of the fun of taking a Middle Fork vacation with IRJ is anticipating the trip. Here are some books that provide historical references, mile by mile descriptions of the river, and some authentic river stories told by guides.

  • The Middle Fork. A comprehensive guide by Matt Leidecker.
  • The Middle Fork. A Guide. By Conley & Curry.
  • Halfway to Halfway & Back. 40 Stories by river guides. Many are about the Middle Fork.